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Cartoon 1

The first picture is of the three main Guardians (Turbo, Leader1, Scooter). A full color version is printed on the over of the sales kit itself. This particular shot was also used for commercial breaks during the show's original broadcast run.

The second picture is a pretty interesting piece containing models for several of the show's recurring characters. Much of this art would be reused later, particularly in coloring books. For some reason I haven't yet discerned, this is the only photo in the group without a Tonka Corporation trademark.

Cartoon 2

Cartoon 3

The third picture is actually from the original VHS release of Time Wars. Strangely enough, Pincher did not make an appearance in this episode. When Time Wars was rereleased, with another episode, an artist rendition of one of the toys was used instead.

The fourth picture is the only one I've never seen outside of this sales kit. However, the scene it depicts is very similar to a part of the show's opening theme. Scooter and Nick were always in trouble!

Cartoon 4

Cartoon 5

The fifth picture is probably my favorite of the group, depicting the evil Renegade leader. CyKill is shown converting into vehicular form in several overlapped frames. This image was later reused on the back of volume five of the VHS series.

The sixth picture is very much like the third, coming from the original VHS release of CyKill's Shrinking Ray. Dr. Braxis, shown firing a ray at Leader1, is as out of place as Pincher was, having not actually appeared in the episode. Does the Coptur drawing look familiar?

Cartoon 6



ROCK LIFE has evolved upom the Planet Quartex in the form of Rock "beings" each with their own unique abilities. Conflict exists between the forces of good and evil Rock Lords, but just like the GoBots, good does not always prevail.

The film opens as the ruthless renegade GoBot, Cy-Kill, joins forces with the power-hungry Magmar, Rock Lord of the Planet Quartex, a strange and fascinating world whose inhabitants must continually be on their guard when travelling in the wilderness. The large rocks they stumble over might very well change into a Rockasaur!

Together Magmar and Cy-Kill seek to gain possession of three all-powerful sceptres, which when joined together will form the ultimate weapon. With the devastating Ultra-Sceptre in their clutches, Magmar and Cy-Kill will be able to enslave the galaxy.

In order to save the world, the beautiful Solitaire, Queen of the Gems, travels with her versatile rock robot, Nuggit, to the futuristic planet of Gobotron.

Thus the scene is set for a titianic battle between the forces of interplanetary good and evil.

Entertainment Film Distribution, Ltd. [09/11/1986]


A RANGE of top-selling toys, a hit tv series and now a major feature film......1986 could very well prove to be "The Year Of The GoBots".

The GoBot phenomenon first started in Japan but very soon spread throughout the world, as science-fiction fans of all ages became fascinated by the robots that could change into vehicles, weapons, animals and all manner of objects.

American toy manufacturers, not wanting to be outdone, created their own range of transformable toys, and it wasn't long before the GoBots were stars of their own hit tv series courtesy of Hanna-Barbera, the animation company behind such classic cartoon characters as Yogi Bear and The Flintstones.

In the UK too, these changeable creatures soon became household names. Bandai Toys introduced an exciting line of toys, soon to be the subject of an extensive advertising campaign, while TV-am screened the series during the summer. Indeed so popular was "The Challenge of the GoBots", that the channel will resume the screening of further episodes during the mid-term break.

And now of course there's the feature film "GoBots - Battle Of The Rock Lords", already an enourmous hit in the States and due to play afternoon matinees in 250 cinemas throughout the UK (excluding Scotland where it will open a week earlier) as from 17th October.

The team which had worked so successfully on the tv series was also given the task of transferring the GoBots to the big screen. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were the film's executive producers, while writers Jeff Segal and Kelly Ward continued in their role of story editors.

For the movie version, Segal and Ward expanded on their original concept of creating an intricate GoBot society, peopled by characters with real personalities and not simply one dimensional reproductions of popular toys.

In order too not make the film look like an expanded version of the tv series, the writers introduced a whole new group of characters named "Rock Lords", living mineral creatures that can change from stone to humanoid shape.

The idea was further extended to include the creation of a whole planet where this silicon-based life first evolved. This meant constructing both a flora and fauna that had a beautiful and intricate rock-based. crystallized appearance.

The voices behind the characters are provided by some of America's most respected and talented performers. Margot Kidder, best known for her portrayal of Lois Lane in the "Superman" films, is Solitaire the beautiful Queen of the Gems; the voice of her versatile rock robot, Nuggit, is the work of veteran actor Roddy McDowell, while none other than tv's "Kojak", Telly Salvalas, is the power-hungry Rock Lord Magmar.

The result is a quality science-fiction adventure with a sense of humour that will no doubt delight all of the GoBots' many fans in the UK, as well as winning a whole host of converts!

"GoBots - Battle Of The Rock Lords" runs for 74 minutes and has a "U" certificate.

Entertainment Film Distribution, Ltd. [09/11/1986]


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