Encyclopedia GoBotica (2nd Edition)


The astrobeam is one of the great acheivements in the history of GoBotic science. Its basic shape is that of a small CRT television mounted on a small stand. With it, objects of almost any size can be beamed from one place to another. Its only drawbacks are limited range (about nine million miles) and the time limit. For some unknown reason, all objects transported by the astrobeam return to their original locations within 24-48 hours. The Astrobeam can be amplified, however. A mad scientist known as Trident stole a machine called the Disruptor, which was designed to block the astrobeam, and turned it into a super astrobeam with a few cursory modifications. This device has no time limit at the expense of huge power consumption rates. Both versions of the astrobeam can be disrupted to varying degrees by ionic interference.


The Brainstormer is a standard mind-reading device. It is often manifested in a form factor similar to that of an electric chair. Some variations of the technology only work on GoBots or organic creatures. Alaric, the traveler, was immune to its compulsory effects.

Dark Heart

The Dark Heart was an ancient anti-matter weapon wielded by the Evil One. Its awesome power, an uncontrollable chain reaction resulting from the interaction of matter and anti-matter, nearly destroyed ancient GoBotron and present day Earth. Believed to have been lost in the latter incident, it is currently hidden inside an unassuming statue at an undisclosed museum.


The disassembler is GoBotron's version of the electric chair. Found only on GoBotron's prison moon, it is the final punishment for GoBotron's criminals. The machine consists of a glass dome with a large tube attached to the top and a flat panel connected to the bottom. The offender is placed upon this panel and spun around at increasingly high speeds until they literally fly apart. At this point, the components are sucked up through the tube, loaded into a rocket and fired into GoBotron's sun.


The modifier is the machine that gives GoBots the ability to transform into vehicles. GoBots are originally built without this ability and only attain it once they graduate from the Guardian (or Renegade) academy. The machine itself looks something like a generic drive through car wash. The robot goes in one end, the roof glows, and they come out able to convert into a vehicle. While the modifier is a stationary object, its main processing unit can be removed and used at another location. On one occasion, the modifier (or a variation of it) has been used to completely transform a common GoBot into a fearsome monster (Pincher's origin).

Neural Lock

See Restraining Bolt.

Proton Cultivator

The proton cultivator, a machine shaped like a hair styling machine, was originally a gift from the Guardians to the people of Earth. Using advanced energy patterns and molecular theories, it turned desert sand into fertile soil. Once stolen and modified by CyKill, it could also be used as a super heat ray capable of melting an F15 in under 20 seconds.


Quantimite is another experimental energy source with devastating power. Incredibly rare, quantimite was only a theory until it was recently discovered to exist in the tail of Halley's Comet. An extremely bright crystal, quantimite must be kept in a specially treated case when not in use. If left out in the open for an extended period of time, quantimite will burn through the surface supporting it and potentially explode.

Restraining Bolt

Restraining bolts are electronic devices used to temporarily disrupt the normal functions of robots. They work by generating a weak electromagnetic pulse that disrupts certain systems. Restraining bolts can generally take 2 forms. The first (seen in Star Wars) is a small round plug that can be placed anywhere. The second, a more effective design, is like a modified set of handcuffs. One end is attached to the back of one arm and the other is attached to the corresponding position on the other arm. In effect, the wearer is unable to raise his arms to for either energy or physical attacks. These devices are most often used to control prisoners, regardless of their allegiance.

Solanoid Accelerator

A solanoid accelerator is a hangar where large ships are kept. They are also launched from this location. Solar cells in the outer housing help accelerate the ships to takeoff speed, much like a large wind tunnel.


Sorium is an experimental energy source being developed by Soviet scientist Dr. Anya Turgenova. It is most stable in its crystalline form, which can only be maintained at very low temperatures. Sorium is incredibly dangerous when not handled properly. Only 2000 cubic centimeters (about two liters) is needed to turn the state of Rhode Island into a smoking crater.

Space Bender

The Space Bender was an experimental disintegrator ray developed by the Guardians. However, its operation was unreliable and prone to shorting out. An interesting side effect was its ability to neutralize the processors of cloned GoBots. Further research of the technology was discontinued after the prototype was irrepairably damaged in the doppleganger incident.

Stealth Device

This one is pretty much self explanatory. It is a large box that bends light waves in order to make a ship or other object appear invisible. However, any ship using a stealth device cannot fire until it is deactivated. Although this technology was developed and primarily used by the Renegades, the Guardians have had one in their posession from time to time. Nearly impossible to detect, Guardian scientists have been working on a device to counteract its effects. There have been only two major developments in this area. Scooter developed a system that could detect radio distortions in a given area which was, unfortunately, easily manipulated by the Renegades. The other attempt was made by an insane Doctor Braxis. Using a series of satellites orbiting Saturn, he created a net that would cancel out the effects of the stealth device. This system had an unforseen side effect as it destabilizes the energy core of the cloaked vessel and eventually destroys it.


UNECOM is short for UNited Earth COMmand, a military department formed in response to the arrival of the GoBots. An offshoot of NASA, UNECOM is funded largely by the American government and operates within the Air Force's network of bases, including NORAD. General Newcastle is currently the agency's top decision maker, though foreign governments continue to play a larger role in the organization's operations.


ZOD is one of the most feared weapons in the Renegade arsenal. It is best described as an incredibly destructive 20 ton robot dinosaur that eats Buicks for breakfast. Possessing extreme strength and the ability to melt a skyscraper, ZOD is not a threat to be taken lightly. The only known way to stop ZOD is to hit the nerve center on his stomach with either an energy blast or foreign object. However, even deactivated, ZOD is still dangerous. His internal systems contain enough power to light up Atlantic City.

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