Power Warriors

Guardian Power Warrior

Tonka Product 7320 (1985)

Guardian Fit Chart

Renegade Fit Chart

Renedgade Power Warrior

Some of the most interesting items from the original GoBot line were the Power Warrior sets. The idea was very innovative for the time and still retains that status for good reason. Rather than forming larger robots out of a few small robots, the Power Warrior was made up of four power enhancing suits and a futuristic jet. Each part could carry almost any three inch GoBot, so the team combinations were almost limitless.

There are only two sets in wide circulation, those being Courageous (blue jet) and Grungy (grey jet). They are identical, with the exception of differing colors. Each set also has it's own minor variations, most notably the color of the fists. Unlike TransFormer combiners, however, the accessories served a purpose in the alternate form as well. Only Courageous, the Guardian Power Warrior, ever appeared on the television show. It was introduced in part 5 of The GoBotron Saga and was used only occasionally afterward.

Both sets were available together as a giftset and as seperate components. A third set, with a tank for the main body, was released in Japan as part of the Machine Robo line. It has been rumored that a few made it into circulation in the US or UK. Those accounts, however, have yet to be proven and documented.

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